Tough Love From Business Mentors

Here’s an article published today and worth your time reading from the Harvard Business Review, talking about the basis for tough love and how it applies to the business world.

Business MentoringBusiness mentors don’t need to be Scrooge, but they are quite impartial, confrontational and have a deep love for what they are doing. They are devoting their own time to helping others become successful. Some people call it “give back time.”

If you are starting or running a business, getting a mentor might be the best thing you ever did. Here’s what entrepreneurs are looking to get, and it’s priceless:

  • Advising them on their business ideas and concepts in their formative phase
  • Nurturing and refining their ideas and concepts as potential growth businesses
  • Assisting in the development of an effective business model and business strategy
  • Putting structure around business ideas, strategies, and business plans
  • Helping to Indentify all internal and external stakeholders and their needs
  • Identifying marketing, sales and financing opportunities
  • Providing guidance on governance and protecting intellectual property
  • Providing management guidance on business decision making

These are the subjects all business owners need advice on, and if  done well, will lead to their success. EntreDot and several other organizations as well provide mentoring services to business owners.